Ashes of Velin'Kar

Lily's Log 2

We finally got out of that mine. We went trekking a bit and then we ran across another bird person. It was a lot different than Taran. It could speak and it had wings. I think Taran was jealous because he kicked it while it was napping. 

After that we found that green door. There was an adorable little golem guy named Otto. He made us solve a puzzle. Only things with double letters could go through the door, like Otto, Kitten, coffee, things like that.

Inside the door was a cool room. There was the green power gem thing in the middle. I wanted to just go and grab it but Eryl was whining. Then him and Jill were chatting about things they could do to disarm booby traps or whatever. 

Taran, Uric, and I were just standing there innocently until Eryl triggered a trap and three stone golems popped out of nowhere! Eryl cried like a baby while the rest of us took care of them.

Thank the Raven Queen that I had studied recently and finally figured out the spell Shatter. It was incredibly helpful. Taran and I took care of the golems with help from Uric making their attacks less effective.

Taran was doing a lot of the heavy killing but Jill, Uric, and Erryl wanted to keep all the booty for themselves. So in the midst of battle I asked Juliet to deposit one of the crystals into Taran's pocket.

We managed to kill all the golems. We really wanted to take that pretty door with us for building a tower but we didn't have the spells at the moment. Maybe later.

Also Erryl, stop reading my journal. I know you want to learn about the spell plague but it's freaking creepy.


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